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Nursery seating is non-negotiable – just ask any seasoned parent. Since it’s a place you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time—whether it’s late-night feedings, nursery rhyme readings, or, heck, snoozing yourself—you want it to be comfortable for both you and baby.

But deciding on the perfect glider rocker comes down to much more than just making sure it fits your nursery theme (though the style is, of course, important). You’ll want to consider these critical factors when you’re on the hunt for the best nursery glider or rocker:


You want your glider rocker to be soft but supportive, with enough height to rest your head. Sit in it to get a feel of the seat pan depth and put your arms on the armrests. The back, butt and arm support really do have to work in harmony.


Nursery rockers and gliders range from affordable to astronomical, basic to bells-and-whistles; decide where your budget falls from the start and don’t even look at ones outside the budget cap you set for yourself.


Solid materials, quality bearings, low-maintenance fabrics. All in all – it should last through all of your babies and beyond.