4 Expert Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Recliner

4 Expert Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect ReclinerNothing beats the feeling of sinking into a comfortable recliner after a long, hard day. But not all recliners are created equal. Some are cushier than others, and some offer a better recline. How can you find a model that’s just right for you? Here are some tips from the pros:

1. Choose the Right Type

Yes, there are different types of recliners, which gives you more options when buying your new chair. Some of the most common types include:

Wall Hugger (or Wall Saver) Recliners: If you’re short on space, a wall hugger recliner may be the best option for you. These chairs require less clearance between the back of the chair and the wall, so you can enjoy the luxurious comfort of a recliner without having to take up half of your living room in the process.

Rockers or Gliders: You’ll also find rocking or gliding recliners in most furniture stores, which is a great option for families with nursing mothers. The rocking motion helps put babies to sleep, and can even serve as a makeshift bed for those long nights. But rockers and gliders aren’t only for nursing mothers – everyone can enjoy them.

Massage Recliners: Massaging recliners turn your living room into a spa – and some even have a heated massage feature. While these chairs tend to be on the expensive side, they are a worthwhile investment if you work long hours or a physically demanding job.

Classic: Of course, you will also find the classic recliner in stores. These use either a manual lever or electric mechanism to recline the seat. A classic recliner design will require more wall clearance, but will offer you luxurious comfort after a long day.

2. Choose The Right Material

Once you’ve chosen a recliner type, you’ll need to consider the chair’s material. Just like any other piece of furniture, you have a variety of options here. Some of the most common materials used for recliners are:

  • Leather: Durable, comfortable and luxurious. Leather recliners are often more expensive, but will last decades if taken care of properly.
  • Microfiber: A great fabric that’s both soft and durable. Microfiber is easy to clean and an affordable option.
  • Cotton: Some fabric recliners are made of cotton, which is breathable, comfortable and durable.

Generally, fabrics are the better way to go if you have pets or kids because they are durable and stain-resistant.

3. Size Does Matter

Size is easily overlooked when shopping for a recliner. Your top concern is comfort, and while that big, plush chair looks inviting, it may be too large for your home.

Measure the space you plan on placing the chair, and check the dimensions of the recliner you’re interested in to make sure it will fit in your home.

When measuring your space, don’t forget to consider wall clearance. Unless you choose a wall hugger model, you’ll likely need quite a bit of space between your chair and the wall to allow for full reclining.

4. Don’t Forget the Extras

Many recliner models come with some convenient extra features, including cup holders and storage pockets on the side of the chair. Others have trays, and yet others also help you up out of the chair by literally lifting you up.

Consider any extra features that you may want, and be mindful that these conveniences will likely add to the overall price tag of the chair.


From type to material, size and extra features, there’s a lot to consider when buying a recliner. Use these tips to find the right model for your needs and home, so you can enjoy a little luxury and comfort after a long, hard day.

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