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Rocking gently with your baby is one of the most sublime pleasures in life. Make the most of this important bonding time with your children by ensuring that you select the best nursery glider.

A comfortable glider allows for a peaceful transition from activity to sleep and provides the opportunity to recite nursery rhymes or sing songs. Because there are so many types of gliders and rockers, selecting the best glider for the nursery is not always a straightforward process.

Feel free to select from this hand-picked list of our favorite gliders available online. For the discerning customer, read on to our buyer’s guide where we provide an in-depth look at exactly what to look for when selecting the best unit for your individual needs.




We know that there are very few moments you can relax during the day. During quiet time, why not kick back in this comfortable glider & ottoman combo? Stork Craft is a reputable manufacturer known for producing durable, high-quality products.

One of the most important things to look for in a high-quality glider is the durability of the bearings. This unit uses exclusively fully enclosed metal ball bearings for maximum longevity. If you are feeding your baby on this chair, drips and spills are always a possibility. This chair is made out of a high-quality polyester that is spot cleanable, making it perfect for this purpose.

The espresso tones of this glider add a warm feeling to the décor of your room, while the vintage style of the back cushion helps tie the piece in with more classically designed rooms.

Eligible for free replacement parts
Quite easy to assemble
Meets or exceeds U.S. and Canadian standards
The Cushions of this unit are spot cleanable
Enclosed metal ball bearings

Side pockets


Arms may easily pop off
The cushion of this glider for seating may feel very hard


Looking to add a little spice to the style of your child’s room? This high-quality glider manufactured by Stork Craft offers a funky zig-zag design available in nine different color combinations. This product offers more than just looks.

The solid wood frame of this glider provides a sturdy build quality that will last well beyond your child’s formative years. The head support on this unit is quite tall, providing mothers up to 6’2” with full head support for maximum comfort.

Although the item comes only partially assembled, completing the setup is a straightforward process. You can expect to have it finished within 20 minutes, even on your own. Just like other Stork Craft products, the cushions are made from a polyester material that offers unparalleled comfort in an easy to clean package.

Eligible for free replacement parts
Quite easy to assemble
Meets or exceeds U.S. and Canadian standards
The Cushions of this unit are spot cleanable
Enclosed metal ball bearings

Side pockets


Arms may easily pop off
The cushion of this glider for seating may feel very hard


Looking for something neutrally toned? This white and grey glider from Windsor is a great way to add a functional piece of furniture to a room without taking away from your other design elements. The cushions are very soft and malleable. They are also easy to remove for cleaning.

Need somewhere to store your child’s bottles or toys? The handy side pocket keeps all of your nursing essentials within arm’s reach at all times. The chair is over 28” from armrest to armrest, making this a comfortable choice for even broad shouldered individuals.

This glider ships with all of the complicated bits already assembled. Simply attach the back and arms, and you’re ready to go in under 10 minutes! Because of the high-quality bearings used in this model, the gliding action is exceptionally smooth. If you are looking for a product made from solid wood with a top grade build quality, Windsor products will not disappoint!


Now here is a modern twist on a classically designed product! This glider from Angel Line adds an executive style cushion to the tried and true glider design. Offering unparalleled back support without compromising durability, this product is an excellent choice for mothers who suffer from back pain.

By providing extra padding just where it is needed, you’ll get the support you require even when the baby is up at 3 am. The muted tones of this glider are sure to match with any style décor, while the white accents give this unit a breezy comforting appeal.

Like all of the products we recommend, this one is made from high-quality wood and is designed to last. The unit comes with all the tools you need to assemble, and this can be completed by a single person in under fifteen minutes.


As babies grow into toddlers, they love to play and explore the world around them. For parents, this means ensuring that their house is free from dangers that young minds may not be able to comprehend fully! This compact, enclosed design will fit into even the smallest of spaces.

The enclosed design offers much more than a simple modern appeal; it also prevents your little one’s fingers from getting caught up in those awkward pinch points! The supportive foam filled seat offers a much firmer level of comfort than many of our other options.

If you find yourself drifting off with your young one, you will appreciate the structure of this glider that gently holds you in place. The unit fully reclines and locks the gliding mechanism which allows you to smoothly transition from gently rocking baby to sleep, and maybe catch a few Z’s yourself!


This classically styled glider from Roma is a definite throwback to the Victorian era! If you want a comfortable piece of furniture to compliment your classically furnished nursery, this is the glider for you. This Roma glider has a very stable base, allowing you smooth gliding action while preventing damage to your hardwood or carpet flooring. The spacious pockets on either side of the arm rests mean that your nursing essentials will always be only a foot away at all times.

One of the most unique things about this model is the microfiber cloth. If you have ever used those small cleaning cloths that come with cell phones, you know the incredibly soft feel of microfiber. The fabric of this chair is made entirely from the same product, offering unparalleled softness which is ideal for your baby’s tender skin.

We have recommended Stork Craft products many times before, so rest assured that Roma is just a rebranded Stork Craft model. You can expect the same top-shelf build quality with this chair as you can with any of the other products we have recommended.

Eligible for free replacement parts
Padded arms for increased comfort
Ottoman comes with an attached slide-out nursing stool
Polyester filled microfiber blend fabric that is spot cleanable
Pockets on the side for easy access to bottles and accessories

Metal, enclosed ball bearings for a smooth glide motion


This glider doesn’t recline
It doesn’t come with a side lock


Going through a pregnancy can put a ton of strain on a new mother’s back. As you go about your day to day tasks, it can be hard to retain proper posture. If this is something you experience, you cannot beat this Stork Craft product, designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Not only does this chair offer superior cushioning and support, but the included lumbar pillow provides you the exact support you need to alleviate back pain. This gives you the ability to stop thinking about your sore back and lets you focus your energies on spending time with your child.

The chair is available in 5 different styles and 23 color combinations, ensuring you can find a style that suits your unique nursery aesthetic. This chair is an excellent choice for spacious nurseries, as the large frame provides unparalleled comfort to even broader shouldered mothers.


Looking for a compact, lightweight product to add a subtle accent to your nursery? This glider by Naomi Home is just the one for you! This chair has a weight capacity of up to 250lbs. Combined with the smaller frame, it is ideal for petite women. What this glider lacks in size it makes up for in finish and features.

The chair is made from high quality hardwood, and the Polyurethane stuffing is hypo-allergenic, helping you maintain a clean, safe environment for mother and child. The chair offers full length cushioning on the armrests, with full-size pockets for all of your playtime and nursing necessities.

Because of the stable build quality, the chair does not squeak, and it glides smoothly which allows for a quiet, relaxing nap time with your little one. All of the cushions are 100% removable and easy to wash, making it simple to clean minor leaks and spills.


Naomi has really stepped up their game for those of you with a more substantial frame who require a more executive design. This huge chair is made uniquely from hardwood, offering an exceptionally smooth and stable glide.

The luxuriously padded arms and backrest come complete with two huge pockets for storing all of your nursing accessories and children’s playthings. This glider is extremely versatile, as it can be oriented in multiple positions and locked in place when you want to stop the gliding mechanism.

No need to remove and clean absorbent fabrics, the cushioning on this model is nonporous and wipes clean with only soapy water. For those discerning mothers who require a top quality design with a level of comfort suitable for hours of relaxation, this is the ultimate choice for you.


If you own one of the popular Graco branded cribs, keep your décor consistent with this high-quality glider from one of the top baby products manufacturers. The chair is luxuriously upholstered in thick, comfortable microfiber cushioning. Microfiber is hands-down one of the softest fabrics available, and our personal choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

The included ottoman has a pullout stool that lets you customize the height of your footrest for any nursing position. If space is a concern, the ottoman folds up neatly under the unit to create an entirely self-contained unit, which is ideal for compact spaces.

This is one of the largest gliders on the market. It is suitable for either mom or dad to spend some time with your new child. If you find yourself a moment to take a quick nap, the huge supporting cushions will hold you gently in place while you soak in every moment of valuable rest you can get.


With so many different options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which glider is right for your needs. Shopping online can make this process more difficult, as it can be hard to gauge build quality, durability and how that particular glider feels.

Fortunately, there are just a few main things to look out for. Once you are familiar with our list, you will be able to shop online for nursery gliders and purchase confidently knowing you have a top-level product on its way to your doorstep.


Not all gliders are alike. When purchasing the best glider for nursery purposes, it is important to factor in the wear and tear that these units can be exposed to. Because there are so many moving parts, a unit made from solid wood is a necessity. Particleboard may work for simple Ikea products but won’t make the cut for these purposes.

Take a look at any of the gliders we have recommended. You will notice that most of them have four or more solid wood pillars supporting the chair. The way that these wood pillars are arranged help to distribute the weight, and relieve any pressure points that could crack under stress. The base of the glider should be solid wood.

Having a large surface area making contact with the floor helps to distribute the weight. Not only does this help your glider last for many generations, but it also prevents it from marking or damaging your flooring.

Even though the ottoman holds much less weight, it is also important that this has the same features as the glider itself. Although this thick wood build adds extra weight, this helps to stabilize the ottoman and provide the same comfortable gliding motion as your chair.


When it comes to bearings, we only have one simple recommendation. Never go for anything other than fully enclosed metal bearings. This is the part of the chair that physically moves. If these bearings are of poor quality, your chair can have a loud, rough movement.

Keeping these bearings enclosed is necessary not only for your comfort, but also for your child’s safety. As babies grow into toddlers, they love to play and explore the world around them. Exposed bearings can present a pinch point hazard that can trap your poor babies’ fingers.

Every product we recommend keeps these bearings sealed off safely. Chairs that have a large number of smaller bearings are ideal. The smaller the size of the bearing, the more slowly and comfortably the chair glides. Since there is so much pressure on these bearings, dividing it up over a larger surface area prevents stress fractures in the chairs mechanisms.


This one is entirely subjective, and can be safely judged based on your own preferences. Your nursery should be a calm and relaxing place for you and your child to bond and grow together. Since you have already put so much work into selecting the colors and design of this room, there is no need to select a glider that clashes with your environment.

With so many different styles and models available from different brands, take your time to shop around and choose a unit that really makes the room pop! Remember that while very loud and vibrant designs may stand out online, often it is better to select a muted design to subtly add to a relaxing calm atmosphere.


Glider cushioning is available with many different fabrics and fills. Our personal favorite is microfiber. Microfiber is a very fine synthetic yarn. This material provides a very soft, comfortable seating environment. Babies skin is often very sensitive, so it is very important to use a material that will not irritate their delicate skin.

As far as filling is concerned, we recommend only synthetic filling. Although there is a strong movement towards natural products, remember that these can hold allergens and bacteria. If you will be using your nursery glider for feeding, there is always the possibility of leaks and spills. Using a synthetic material prevents the buildup of naturally occurring irritants, as well as bacteria or mold.

Any time you select a glider with a plush style fabric, make sure the cover is removable and easy to clean. Many of these units are not machine washable. However, using a synthetic material means that these products will be easy to spot clean with the appropriate detergent and warm water.

Those of you who want to avoid as much cleaning as possible, consider a model with a polyester, non-porous material. These materials are easy to wipe off with just warm soapy water, and will not stain as easily.


Young children are very curious about how the world works. This is an important part of their developmental process. There is no need to restrict their inquisitive nature by having furnishings that are potentially dangerous.

Purchasing a chair made form solid wood increases the weight. This makes it difficult for babies to move the chairs on their own, preventing hands from getting caught up in the moving parts. Be sure to check that there is adequate space between the gliding mechanism and the chairs support. If this space is too small, it is possible for tiny hands to get pinched in the works.


The size of the chair is another area that can be quite subjective. If you are the type of mother that loves to cuddle up with your baby for naptime, consider purchasing a larger chair. This will provide extra comfort and help you get the most out of your limited opportunities for rest.

A broad span from arm-rest to arm-rest will also give you room to keep your child’s favorite toys or nursing accessories close by for easy access. Many mothers have lumbar pillows or pregnancy shims that provide additional support needed to address any postural issues you may have.

Having a tall back rest allows you to utilize these products as you see fit. If space is a concern, a smaller chair may be more suitable. These types of products are ideal for petite mothers, or even a second chair that may only be used occasionally.

If you want to receive both the benefits of a larger chair but operate within the constraints of a small room, there are still options. Some manufactures offer a “tuck away” design. These gliders have an open space in the bottom that allow you to store the ottoman when not in use. This design allows you to utilize a larger chair in an area where space is a concern.


If you’ve ever tried to put together a piece of ikea furniture, you know just how frustrating assembly can be. Fortunately, because the best nursery gliders have so many moving parts, they will come pre-assembled from factory.

Most of them only require a few button-up connections to be made, as the glider will be partially disassembled to save on shipping costs. Double check that your model includes all of the specific tools that you need to complete the assembly. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a brand new product arrive with no way to put it together!


As with any major purchase, it’s important to take the time to consider all of your options when buying the best glider for nursery. Whether you are looking to make a quick and easy purchase, or you want to shop around to find the exact product to fit your needs, this guide should have covered everything you need to know!

If you are ever unsure, check out our top 10 best nursery gliders list above, and compare the offerings to a product you may be interested in. You may be surprised to find how subtle differences can have a major impact on the device functionality.